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Save by Sharing

Save by Sharing


Once we have completed the work on your home, you will have 2 weeks to share a post from our Facebook page.


1)  Go to our Facebook page (@TradeArtConstruction). Post about your experience, and upload a few photos of the work you had done.

2)  Give us a star rating

3)  Scroll down to the pinned post that looks like the picture to the right.

4)  Select "share" on the bottom.

5)  Select "share..." or "share now". Feel free to write about your new siding.

6) Go to the post in your timeline and add 3 pictures of the work you recently had done in the comments. Feel free to comment on the photos.

And that's it! Once we are notified that you have shared our post, we will send you your invoice with your 5% savings.

Save by Group Booking

Group Booking

*To receive the group booking rates, you must also complete the "save by sharing" section.


1)  Find a friend or neighbor that needs work done and you can save together.

2)  Fill out the free estimate form and select the number of people that will be booking together.


3)  Write the names and phone numbers of  the other people that are booking.

4)  Please have everyone booking fill out the form.

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